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Replied to topic  › Safe Shitdown.

Reply to #1 @savagetheunicorn :

Never mind I thought it did

«  4 days ago
Replied to topic  › Safe Shitdown.

Version 1.0.3 works still. Had to find in an alternate repo.

«  5 days ago
Created topic  › GPS Master Pro Features

I’d love to see if this can be done. It would make spoofing games so much

«  11 days ago
Created topic  › Safe Shitdown.

Version 1.54-4 on your repo does not work and gives this error every time even if it is enabled.

«  12 days ago
Replied to topic  › Carrier crack and tetherme

Tetherme can be downloaded using Cydown and the version from BigBoss.

«  12 days ago
Replied to topic  › How to use the Myriad crack?

Deadass bro use Milkyway. Much more reliable and it’s free lol. I wasn’t able to resize with myriad but I can with milkyway.

«  12 days ago
Replied to topic  › [Request] Next up 2 crack please

Reply to #1 @pulandres :

Any word on this crack? Thanks for your work man.

«  12 days ago
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