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Replied to topic  › ChargingBubbles request

+1 for that request

«  13 days ago
Created topic  › PortraitXI for iPhone XR

Sadly your crack don’t work for arm64e would be much appreciated if you could add arm64e support

And for everyone iPhone XR does have portrait mode but not for objects - only human faces

«  18 days ago
Replied to topic  › [Request] Please Crack smartBattery from the Packix repo

Are you on an A12 device?

«  25 days ago
Replied to topic  › [REQUEST] Crack Tweak

I second this with Gesto

«  26 days ago
Replied to topic  › request to crack tweak

Reply to #1 @pulandres :


«  26 days ago
Replied to topic  › [request] portraitXI

Reply to #3 @boyka :

Autocorrect fail again I guess, you should implement an edit button in here ????

«  26 days ago
Replied to topic  › [request] portraitXI

Reply to #2 @boyka :

WTF why there are so many wurstionmarkes?

«  26 days ago
Replied to topic  › [request] portraitXI

Reply to #1 @pulandres :

It’s only working for faces not for bikes, cars etc. that’s why ????

«  26 days ago
Created topic  › [request] portraitXI

Could you pls make PortraitXI work for iPhone XR?

«  27 days ago
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