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By pulandres at 9 days ago • 5 collector • 340 pageviews

I was thinking and I will start adding themes to my repository,

Put the names of the themes you would like me to add here, if it is not from Packix, please indicate the link.

I will try to add it as soon as possible.

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9 days ago   #1

Pls this Theme from Packix ???? F1971FC5-E36F-406F-9254-D3A04FEC3999.jpeg

9 days ago   #2

11523F9E-EA00-47D9-B628-0EFE0BD4BF31.jpeg ????????????

9 days ago   #3

Reply to #2 @kanoppus :


9 days ago   #4

Reply to #1 @mudi793 :


9 days ago   #6

Cosmos (PackXI) seems like it would be cool to check out (whenever you get around to it ;)

8 days ago   #7


8 days ago   #8

Reply to #6 @teezy :

I got it, but dont works fine

8 days ago   #9

Reply to #8 @pulandres :

Of course you do! ;) ..thanks for letting me know - I guess it just looked like it might be cool (most times things aren’t how they look hahah)

8 days ago   #10

Reply to #7 @tanveerahmad :


8 days ago   #11

Reply to #10 @pulandres :

Bro so happy you full filed my request so quickly. Thank you

8 days ago   #12


6 days ago   #13

Reply to #5 @shahabvafi :

Reply to #12 @fedric :

in Queue

6 days ago   #14

9EF58B1C-AC15-4DAC-81ED-2A25520528BF.png crack this one please

5 days ago   #15

Stencil Spectrum Stencil Lime

from Packix. Thanks.

5 days ago   #16

Umbra 1.7 from Packix. Thanks.

4 days ago   #17

Need a lot of Tango themes on repo packix ????????

4 days ago   #18


16 hours ago   #19

Darkboard XS (with all extra packs) Lightboard XS (with all extra packs) B5A106EE-3C62-4E7E-B117-717D428315C8.png


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