request to crack tweak

By icivy at 10 days ago • 3 collector • 438 pageviews

please crack super recorder x+ (ios12) from hacx repo..... it is only that work on ios12.4


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10 days ago   #1

Working on it 

10 days ago   #2

Can u crack nextup 2?

10 days ago   #3

Reply to #2 @theapplepie :

Also is in queue :)

10 days ago   #4


10 days ago   #5


9 days ago   #6

Could you update Shortlook cracked? Plz Thanks

9 days ago   #7

Reply to #6 @deninela :

maybe in future, DRM is so stronge!

9 days ago   #8

If you need a hand I can bypass DRM for hacx

9 days ago   #9

Reply to #7 @pulandres :

Would You crack “CopyLog” or is what the developer said is true, that you both came to an agreement you won’t crack it?

9 days ago   #10

Reply to #9 @unkn0wnm4n :

CopyLog already cracked - just older version (no A12)

9 days ago   #11

Reply to #10 @teezy :

What repo? It’s not showing up in pulandres nor rus

8 days ago   #12

Reply to #11 @unkn0wnm4n :

yes, me and Rejail came to an agreement, you can download Pasithea 2, that's cracked

8 days ago   #13

When super recorder x is going to crack ????

8 days ago   #14

Reply to #11 @unkn0wnm4n :

KurdiOS ;)

8 days ago   #15

Reply to #12 @pulandres :

You did whaaaaaat!!? You’re not allowed to make agreements :p hahaha

I’m just joking around with you - all your work extremely appreciated! ..looks like you’ve been busy today too :)

I’m curious about your history with rejail?? ..did you crack for them or they just hosted your stuff before / let you use servers? Have you guys come to agreements with other devs or only this one tweak? Was the agreement for $ or personal reasons? ..Don’t say anything if you don’t want to, but have some other stuff would like to talk to you about - what’s the best way to reach out to you?

Thanks again Pul!

4 days ago   #16

Hey pulandres, un follower hispanohablante. Podrías crackear la licensia de Xline?

Gracias hermano!

4 days ago   #17

Reply to #1 @pulandres :

Awesome ????????

3 days ago   #18

Reply to #16 @h4c50r :

ya estoy trabajando en ello ;)

3 days ago   #19

Reply to #18 @pulandres :


3D9D5C30-CAC8-42AC-B2C7-C2C3342A7230.png Please crack this tweak

3 days ago   #20

Reply to #19 @shakaib :


3 days ago   #21

Can you do Seethrough?

2 days ago   #22

Reply to #1 @pulandres :


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