[DEVICE] Share your set-up!!

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Share how you have your device.! ???????? Mine is a bit ugly at the moment, I’m sure yours will be better.!

Theme: Boss iOS10


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Where to download?

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Reply to #1 @vojkan :

You can find on my repo

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Reply to #3 @waqar :

Is this XenHTML?

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Reply to #3 @waqar :

Beautiful ❤️

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Can you make theme ios13 from packix repo?

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Reply to #4 @waqar :

Very nice settings :)

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Reply to #6 @waqar :

Really? ..I thought the LS looks like a LPP theme (maybe someone made similar for both LPP and XenHtml). What themes are you using (particularly for the settings)??

What do you all like better between LPP and Xen? ..before iOS 10 days Lock+ was awesome (since had support for LockHTML4) ..still trying to figure out which tweaks for iOS11/12 - all the settings ones either seem buggy or laggy (or else just lacking). Using PO2 still on older devices (but slow as a handicapped turtle :p)

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Theme: Buufjuiced Base icons,Base UI


Repo: http://buufjuiced.yourepo.com/

(currently free, will become paid after a month or so depending on the donations he get)

2019-09-12   #16

Reply to #14 @teezy :

Is it safe to assume you’re using BetterSettings (with transparent or custom background)?? ..it’s pretty much the only preferences modification tweak that seems to work well on ios12.. let me know if it’s something else.

Also for anyone theming with tweaks (not using snowboard/anemone etc) - please list your favs for iOS 11/12 (even if they got glitches/lag here and there, just mention that)..

Sometimes a tweak is still worth it even if laggy etc if it can give you a sweet setup / functionality you desire - again going slightly off topic, but a couple of my favs haven’t been updated in years - but I love em - LOVE em!.. webscrollian being one of several as a random example - one of 1st tweaks I install after JB (along with Activator AFC2 OpenSSH Appsync MTerm and of course CyDown etc etc).. Mobius another great example (and greater tweak ;) ..there’s a buncha oldies but still goodies :)

So what are your favs for 11/12 (and how well do they do what they do ;)??

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