[request] portraitXI

By boyka at 2019-09-17 • 0 collector • 181 pageviews

Could you pls make PortraitXI work for iPhone XR?

5 Replies | Last update 2019-09-27
2019-09-17   #1

that's in queue, but,  XR already have this option, I don't undertsant why do you want 

2019-09-18   #2

Reply to #1 @pulandres :

It’s only working for faces not for bikes, cars etc. that’s why ????

2019-09-18   #3

Reply to #2 @boyka :

WTF why there are so many wurstionmarkes?

2019-09-18   #4

Reply to #3 @boyka :

Autocorrect fail again I guess, you should implement an edit button in here ????

2019-09-27   #5

I'm working on  A12 version

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