HotSpot++ FYI (and XLine request)

By teezy at 2019-09-12 • 0 collector • 111 pageviews

You’re a beast - you update tweaks like Cercube, Watusi, Rocket, all of Limneos almost quicker than their devs! When I saw all the Limneos updates earlier I even said out loud “Pulandres probably will have em all up later today” - some of em you had minutes later! ..get some rest - you’re working too hard (but thank you so much as always).

Wanted to give you and anyone else here heads up that even though you been on top of getting HotSpot++ working (think I saw 3 releases in like an hour) - the premium is purely cosmetic.. I make a lot of flex patches (and happened to have one I forgot for HotSpot) - when I installed the tweak it switched my dummy acct (“isLoggedIn” “isSubscribed” etc) to SarahH one.. everything else seemed fine but connection speed throttled like crazy (without tweak it’s almost as quick as whatever network I’m on - with tweak it’s 10-20% speed at best).. just wanted to let ya know so you don’t put much time into it (unless you’re gonna mod the actual “hasPremium”/“isThrottled” and buncha other checks like in flex).. still appreciated, just trying to say it’s not really doing much (and for anyone who knows flex well, actually messes up the patch functions.. cause it forces the SarahH acct and can’t logout with tweak enabled)..

Also don’t wanna start so many topics so figured I’d ask if ya wanna take a look at license for XLine - cunstuck ..shouldn’t be too hard (Julio had em all pre-cracked with CrackTool, even for any updates so maybe take a look at the method he used to generate the licenses).. besides you’re taking over for JV! I think almost every cracked tweak this year and for iOS 11/12 - especially 12 since Julio went quiet after 11 is thanks to you)!!! ..other than “paid” bigboss debs (not sure if credit for all those goes back to ripbigboss or if JVs CyDown is still using my old UDID and xxxMobileGestalt files from iOS 8/9 days) - cool that they all still work.. even work with some newer repos for paid debs - but hit and miss.. mostly miss with PackIx / dynastic etc but some packages make it through, sometimes takes a few tries (and using good UDIDs to fake the redownloads sometimes)..

Anyways you’re the best - thanks a zillion (million ain’t much these days ;)

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2019-09-13   #1

woow perfect, Thanks for taking the time to write all that, and you're welcome, I do everything for the community.

I am already working on Xline, as soon as I have results, I will publish it.

Thank you for the support and continued motivation.

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