Bigshot clicking full black please correct it

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what device?

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Reply to #2 @manoj :

Which iOS? ..also which bigshot - there’s 3 versions (original ios9, apparently works for some on 10/11 - Julio’s update for iOS11, apparently works on 11/12 for some - the one modded for A12 support which is on Pulandres repo, supposed to be for ios12 but some say 11/12)??

Also, Pulandres puts the link to the reddit thread on the updated A12 version which mentions many issues regarding black shots (some being a duplicate for each shot, others various issues including crashes and all black shots).. seems like people recommend still using Julio’s version as long as you’re not using A12 device :/

..personally I only really used the tweak in iOS 9/10 days with the original code (and while I liked it, I recall it having too many little annoyances - whether black shots or crashes that I ditched it in short time). I’m also pretty sure I’ve used JV’s iOS11 update on a test device though don’t recall using it enough to form a solid opinion.

As I like the tweak (while I think there’s others I prefer), I’m gonna give it another go on an 11.3 SE and 12.4 i7 (have other devices on various versions but use those 2 most at present to check out new tweaks etc) - to rule if problems lie in the device, OS, or tweak version, I’ll be switching between both JV’s version and the one currently on Pulandres (not sure who updated it for A12 since the deb is also posted in the reddit thread OP that Pul links to) on both devices :) ..ahh the pleasures of icleaner toggles ;) - not that there aren’t countless other ways to have both installed (even if for some reason one of the control files had conflicts)..

Let ya know if I have any luck (or figure out what’s up) - IIRC someone mentioned max 10K pixel size (for Pul/A12 version I think (forget what the outcome of exceeding that size reportedly was) - also the duplicate black shot issue and being limited as to which apps it will/won’t work in (or crash).. safari apparently being one where only the url bar is captured, other common apps like Twtr/Rdt etc couldn’t take SSs.. IIR - often I don’t :p)

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Reply to #2 @manoj :

It’s not a license issue (AFAIK and assume) seeing how it had been made open source and both JVs update and the A12 one (was that you Pul? ..or someone else since the deb link is in the reddit OP) kept it that way - again, IIR (and that’s a big IF), the original one (ios9) was a paid/license tweak initially (and later made open source towards EOL - could be mixed up on that though and perhaps JV remade the tweak)

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Reply to #4 @teezy :

..also, last recollection (supposedly) on this matter, though I believe it was JV ironically who cracked the original iOS9 version (if indeed it had been paid originally ;) ..if that’s the case, gotta love it!

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Similar has To Problem To Iphone 6 , ios 12.1

2019-09-28   #7

Please add full support to 12.4 thanks

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