FullMusic - Request

By teezy at 2019-09-12 • 0 collector • 78 pageviews

Both FullMusic11 and also NiceBarx would be great to have cracked! I’ve tried using original for FullMusic, though keeps complaining that I must have CrackTool installed (even though I tried on devices without ;) ..the DRM Sasoh is using seems to look for specific files, so that needs a bypass.

Want to also say Pulandres is the man!! ..makes having jailbreaks just that much better :) Thanks for all your work with both cracks and repackaging, since some repos like PackXi is much harder to grab paid debs from - compared to bigboss anyway (I think ripbigboss still works for older packages on my iOS8 devices ;) Even using Julio’s CyDown on iOS 11/12 can still get a lot of paid debs (fortunately many stopped bothering with DRM - though some devs are still ** :p ...Thank you so much - peace and love to ya!

Pulandres has taken over with iOS 11/12 for Julio (who stepped up huge for iOS 9/10/11 and took over for Fabius who cracked everything there was with iOS 5/6/7/8.. and honourable mention to PDA4U with iOS 4/5 - both making Phoenix into a DRM crybaby since so quickly cracked / generators made to defeat all DRM)

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