SmartTap X update please...

By gusheri at 2019-09-11 • 0 collector • 106 pageviews

Can you udpate and crack SmartTap X for ios 12?

4 Replies | Last update 2019-09-12
2019-09-11   #1

No, that’s not open source, sadly. :(

2019-09-11   #2

Reply to #1 @pulandres :

Sadly :( any other tweak like SmartTap X?

2019-09-12   #3

Reply to #2 @gusheri :

There’s DoubleTap (to lock) and a few good LS tweaks that would make it similar to SmartTap (Limneos never updated it for ios12 yet though - so maybe if/when he does, Pulandres will crack it like the rest of them - like making an omelette with Elias tweaks :p ..he didn’t seem too happy about it ;)

2019-09-12   #4

Reply to #3 @teezy :

Thank you, i will try this ;)

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