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Here you can post on any subject, problem, doubt.

I hope to make it easier and faster to solve problems.

If you detect any problem with the page, report it -> [email protected]

You can download the JailCrack WEBAPP, here | JailCrackWEBAPP |, to avoid having to open safari, so you will have an icon on your home screen.

You are welcome.

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2019-09-11   #1

I love your repo bro thank you so much ????????

2019-09-11   #2

The translomatic tweak is corrupted as the image expects you to correct the problem, thanks

2019-09-11   #3

Reply to #1 @godkingthoth :

You are welcome ;)

2019-09-11   #4

Reply to #2 @quoctuan :

I don’t understand problem, can you send a screenshot ?

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